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" I HATE drawing charts!!! Rocketalgo setups are straight and easy to understand – even for beginners. The bottom lines is I make more money with his tool than without it because it gives me confidence in my trades. Just follow the system and don’t get emotional. I don’t even stare at my screen anymore. Great Product!!!  "

D RolandoD RolandoHair Stylist

“sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Luke SmithLuke SmithCEO & Founder odx

“sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Irene J. HolmesIrene J. HolmesPublications specialist

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" Don’t believe the guys that say you can't make money with an algo. They are wrong. Im not even a pro trader and I make more than everyone else in my house and im only 26. I trade crypto, mostly eth. Works great… tells you best entries and best profit target. Im not a chart guy… id rather spend my time figuring out the next trade – all about consistent gains.

A HernandezA HernandezDigital Nomad

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Dear Trader...

My name is "Audi" Gupta and I'm here today because I want to give you something I call the Trader's Ultimate Tool. The very same profit-hunting tool that hundreds of traders in my native country have been using to generate consistent winning trades since I released it only two short years ago...and after finally perfecting this latest version... I'm officially launching this amazing software in North America! 


But... before I give you the keys to this potent profit machine , I want to share my backstory about why I created it. You see, this is NOT something that I dreampt up one day and just hoped would work. I've utilized over a decade of predictive software development in creating, testing and perfecting this algorithmic trading powerhouse for traders like you!

This is my story...

Years ago in India, my Dad (pictured right) decided he wanted to learn stock trading, because our family needed additional income. Doing what most new traders do, he watched "live trading" on Youtube, joined a bunch of useless trading groups and tried his best to learn boring technical analysis...unfortunately with little success.

He even got scammed for over $5,000.00 (that's alot of money in India!) from fake "stock tips" channels and scammers... and he became so frustrated, he wanted to give up trading for good!


Now because my formal background was based in financial analytics, I knew there had to be an easier way for everyday traders like you (and my Dad) to trade profitably, without having to spend endless hours drawing confusing lines and charts...


...and Rocketalgo was born!

A Lightbulb Went Off the First Time my Dad Used my Algorithm and...

...I realized that after watching someone with no trading experience start to make consistent winning trades, I knew I could help other's improve their financial life simply by using the Rocketalgo setup.

What came next was nothing short of miraculous...
My Dad told his friend...

...about how my algorithm was helping him learn to trade smarter and make profitable decisions. So his friend asked my Dad if he could try it too.


Well, before long I had a whole bunch of people in my local area asking about Rocketalgo so I decided to work tirelessly with my programming team and we developed the very first version of Rocketalgo...and it was a hit!


BUT What happened next


I was invited to appear on SharkTank!
Yes... we have SharkTank in India TOO!

Now I'm sure you can imagine what an incredible opportunity this was. I'm just this wet behind the ears small-town business guy and I'm about to be on National TV.!!!

All my friends and family were so excited because they knew how hard I worked for my Masters Degree from the prestigious UT, Dallas in America... and I was on cloud nine! 
I was really nervous because I'd never been on TV before but by the time it was over, the Sharks offered me alot of money for a pretty sizeable chunk of my company! 

Now as you know ther'es not much time to think things over but in that moment I had to decide. Should I take the cash? Or... do I go it alone??? 
I thought about the money and how it could help my family but I also wanted to see Rocketalgo flourish. Would a shark be the right fit and see my vision to help every-day traders make a killing in the markets?

Time was up... and I had to choose. This is it! I'm about to make the biggest decision of my life and I wanted to experience what it would feel like to WIN on Shark Tank.


It was the BEST decision I EVER MADE!

After SharkTank lots of people recognized me on Social Media and GUESS WHAT?... I started receiving phone calls and emails from traders all over India that wanted to try Rocketalgo.


My dream of helping traders break into the market was becoming a reality before my eyes! Before I knew it, I had a ton of subscribers and the list was literally growing every day!


Here's the most exciting part... Rocketalgo was honored as one of the top 500 New Startups in India... out of 10,000 new companies!


Check it out!!! 



But I was nowhere near done!

Besides... I didn’t create this life-changing profit potential for fame or fortune. I started this to help people, like my father. Then, after testing it over and over again to make sure it worked, I couldn’t just sit by and see my loved ones struggling financially, knowing I could help.


There was no going back! We're all standing-by as the little guy gets crushed financially all over the world, and I've made it my mission to get this powerful piece of technology to as many people as I possibly can...

...before the economic crisis gets to the people I really care about.

Besides, if using this technology offers more financial security and freedom, It can make us stronger and better people... just like my Dad.


When he was able to provide stability for his family, he became a better role model because he never had to worry about putting food on the table again.

Join our community of like-minded traders on your  journey to profit.

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Rocket Algo Trade for Life

" I just got laid off from my job and was stressing out. I saw some ads about trading and even took a few TA courses but I wasn’t making money. A friend told me about rocket algo and said it helped him so I took the trial… after paper trading a few days saw more green then red so I signed up. For the last few months Ive been making enough to pay bills and have some left over! I’m pretty sure ill be able to double my income over the next few months. I would recommend this product, to any trader that needs to get consistent gains. "

S. AlonsoS. AlonsoFreelancer

Frequently asked questions

See the answers to the Most Common Questions below.

Isn't this just a bunch of free indicators all put together?We wish it was that easy! Rocketalgo is the result of painstaking research, development and testing. In fact, our very first version only used 15 logics where today, we employ over 30 predictive logics to deliver actionable data to give traders like you an edge.

I noticed the profit shots shared by users was the Bank Nifty?Correct! That's because we initially launched in India. Because of the large user base it gives us the trading population needed to test and optimize predictability and profit.

How do I know you are a real company and not just another scam?We know there are lots of fly-by-night outfits that are just marketing companies hawking low quality indicators. Many of our customers find us for this reason. Look us up! Our company and it's ownership are real! Our traders are real and their profits are real!

Why have  never heard of you before?Because our Founder is from India, we began operations there because of the high numbers of avaialble traders to test with. We wanted to be sure Rocketalgo was ready for launch and as of 2023 we're finally offering access to Rocketalgo in North America.

All of your competitors promise profits. What makes you different?The biggest difference is how easy our platofrm is to use. We designed Rocketalgo to be easy-to-learn and in fact, many of our successful subscribers had never traded before.

How often do you upgrade your software?Great Question! The Market is always changing and evolving and so does Rocketalgo. In order to stay ahead of the curve our devlopment team is always fine-tuning our algorithm to develop the best possible results. We want to win as much as you do!

Can you guarantee I'll make money?No trading system in the world is perfect, and trading, like any other business involves both profits and losses. Like any tool, your success depends on how well you learn to use its power. We want you to succeed because if you win, we win.

If it works so well, why sell it? Why not just trade and make your own profits?We get this one alot! We do in fact trade everyday and generate our own profits (and sometimes losses too). But our company's core mission is to teach and help traders break into the market and invest successfully.

What if I want to speak to a live person?We are a real company, with real traders and a real success team. You can text, email or call us! We will always do our best to get back to you within 24 hours!

If I subscribe will you teach me how to use it?We have multiple ways to learn from our users manual, to our instructional videos to our one-on-one live trainings. It's part of our mission to make sure you learn our software to exploit its greatest potential!

What does "Unlimited access" to Rocketalgo mean?Unlimited access means that you will have evergreen on going access to Rocketalgo for the duration of the our service/products existence. This means that you will have access to this software as a service into perpetuity without needing to pay any mandatory additional monthly, quarterly, or yearly service fees.

Rocketalgo for Tradingview...the winning setup!

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Learn to trade without emotion!

Rocketalgo takes the fear out of trading and helps you make smart, data driven decisions.

Any Stock, any Forex pair or any Crypto

Rocketalgo works on any security or commodity you can trade... and on multiple timeframes too!

Get set up and drive up your profits!

Razor-sharp entries and clean profitable exits for the most consistent trades.

Join the members portal!

Membership gives you access to the exclusive area of traders who share their winning strategies! 

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